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Postby richardratner » Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:14 pm

Hi. I stumbled upon this forum while searching for an answer. Never knew this existed - great to have another resource. One small thing - when registering, you're supposed to pick the smallest value note, which is eighth, but it's spelled "Eigth", so one doesn't know whether to spell it properly or as is. Finally I got another question about composers and registered.

I'll say up front that I'm a total ignoramus wrt midi, soundsets, etc. I recently upgraded to gpo5 only to learn that I can't use it because there is no soundset for it. Not a tragedy - the upgrade was cheap. What I wonder is, I have a violin concerto that I use gpo4 for. It sounds pretty good except for the solo violin, which is awful. I heard the solo violin in gpo5 and it's way better than sib or gpo4. I've been hearing about manually loading sounds, manual soundsets, etc. Is there any way to get the gpo5 solo violin sounds into the recording that is otherwise playing gpo4? Btw, After following the Sibelius installation instructions for gpo4 for gpo5 and seeing Aria for gpo5, of course there were no sounds and Test did not work. I did manage to fumble my way through to regain gpo4 - I did so from the Manual Sound Set page and don't really know how I did it. It is playing now through two instances of Aria, both with gpo4. I have to present it to a violinist soon and was hoping to send a recording with the gpo5 solo violin sound. Thank you.
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Re: GPO5

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Re: GPO5

Postby bobp » Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:40 pm

What version of Sibelius are you using, and on what computer.

The short answer is that you are stuck with GPO4.
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Re: GPO5

Postby andyg » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:37 pm

Create the entire piece using GPO4. Mute the the solo violin part - export this to audio
Now un mute the solo violin and mute everything else. Use the manual soundset as required to control the violin - export this to audio
Combine and balance the two audio tracks in something like Audacity

Or send the entire thing to a DAW and take full advantage of what GPO5 can do.
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