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Kontakt player in Sibelius 6?

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Kontakt player in Sibelius 6?

Postby diogenes » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:00 am

Hi all:

My Sibelius 5 had Kontakt player built-in. The Soprano Recorder sounded almost as a true recorder.
After upgrading to Sib. 6, I noticed that the sounds used are the "Essentials" - which produce a meager soprano recorder sound.

Did Sibelius drop the Kontakt?

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Re: Kontakt player in Sibelius 6?

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Re: Kontakt player in Sibelius 6?

Postby Sebasian » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:14 am

diogenes wrote:Did Sibelius drop the Kontakt?

If you had Sibelius 5 on your system Kontakt Player 2 ought still to be there, and there ought to be two Configurations (in the Play > Playback Devices menu) called something like Sibelius Essentials (Kontakt).

If you have deleted ll of Sibelius 5, I believe you can re-install the Kontakt Player 2, and Essentials, from your Sibelius 5 install disk (though I haven't tried this myself).
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Native Instuments NI Kontakt Player 2 3 4 / Sibelius 6

Postby frunee » Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:23 pm

Hi all,

I have some questions about Kontakt and Sibelius and was going to post a new topic, then found this and since it fits just post them as a reply.

First, I have to say the integration of Kontakt with Sibelius if more than confusing. Here's my story. I used Kontakt Player 2 then tried to update to 3.5. Now Kontakt 4 is out. And I don't understand anything at all.

Up until now there always has been the Software-Sampler called "Kontakt" and the stripped down "Kontakt Player". Am I right, when I say, if one has installed the Kontakt (the complete software-sampler) software you don't need the Kontakt Player? At least, that's what I'm thinking, but I'm not sure about that.

Right now I have the Kontakt 4-Software installed (the complete version, not the player).

I tried deleting the old softwares (Kontakt 2 Player and Kontakt 3 Player were both installed on my system) to clear up all those entries appearing everywhere. Now that's a hell of a task: I delete all the Library/Application Support and Library/Preferences files I could find associated with version 2 and 3.
NI Tutoriol on that can be found here: ... e+on+a+Mac

I also deleted the Homefolder/Library/Application Support/Sibelius Software/Sibelius 6 "PlogueEngine" folder. That is something D. Spreadbury recommended on the official forum.

But all the entries for Kontakt Player 2 and 3 under Sibelius Play/Playback Devices still appear. Also, there are several entries for e.g. the Absynth 5 synthesizer and 3 entries for Kontakt 4 (all VST), which I don't understand what that is good for.

When I select the Kontakt Player 2-device I get an error saying that it can't be found. Of course, that is expected, but then why do I still see that dead entry?

When I select Kontakt 4 (AU) with the Sibelius Essentials (tried both: 16 and 32) I don't hear a thing. Same when I choose Kontakt 4 (VST).

Do I really have to use Kontakt Player 2 although I have the full version of Kontakt 4? Why (on the official Sibelius help-page) is there still a link to Kontakt Player 2 although version 4 was released 02/2010?

It seems there are several versions loaded but only one can be used: ... 3&&guest=1

Can someone explain all this and how to set up Kontakt 4 and Sibelius 6 properly? I don't get it at all, sorry.

The above video was quite helpful. I'm now hearing something. And I managed how to assign the different sounds to the various instruments used in the score via the mixer.

Great. Guess we can call that one solved. Besides the open questions about how to ged rid of the old entries and why sibelius is still promoting v2 of the Kontakt Player.
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Postby dspreadbury » Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:38 am

We're not "promoting" Kontakt Player 2. We had an agreement with Native Instruments to distribute Kontakt Player 2 with Sibelius 5. We do not have an agreement with Native Instruments to distribute any later versions of Kontakt or Kontakt Player with Sibelius, though Sibelius does support Kontakt 3. Sibelius does not currently fully support Kontakt 4, because it can't recognise it as a special Kontakt-type device, which is what is required in order to support automatic sound loading.

None of the sound libraries that we at Sibelius produced for Kontakt Player 2 (Kontakt Gold, Essentials for Sibelius 5, Choral, World Music, Rock and Pop) are supported by us in Kontakt 3 or later. If you can get them to work in those libraries, fantastic: but we designed them for use with Kontakt Player 2 and don't have the ability to support their use in later versions of Kontakt or Kontakt Player.
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Postby frunee » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:49 pm


by promoting, I just meant, that v.2 is the one that your support pages link to. And your statement about the different versions of KP is, what should be on your support pages, but as a user one can't find any info on that at all.

I know that Native Instruments is a pretty chaotic company, but it would be great if those issues could be fixed. You sound like that is not likely to happen, so we endusers will have to accept that I guess.

Although, Kontakt 4 seems to work with samples from the Kontakt 4 library, but sounds are not loaded when I reopen the specific sib-file.

What do I do as a kontakt 4 user? Install KP 2 that your support page linkes to and then use the sample-libraries fom kontakt 4?

So what can I do about that old KP 3 entry in the Playback Devices?
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Postby dspreadbury » Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:37 pm

Until such time as Sibelius fully supports Kontakt 4, you can't use it in the same way as Kontakt Player 2.

If you don't want to see Kontakt Player 3 in the Playback Devices dialog, delete the VST/AU from /Library/Audio/Plug-ins.
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Postby frunee » Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:36 pm

Thanks for the hint on how to get rid of the entry for Kontakt Player 3. It worked.

Now I reinstalled Kontakt Player 2 and thought maybe I could direct it to the sounds that came with Kontakt 4, but that does not work.

Native Instruments doesn't supply any manual for Kontakt Player 2. Their support page just tells the user, that manuals can be found within the specific product page. Well, sadly there is no produkt page for Kontakt Player 2 anymore.

Edit: Here's the user-guide for Kontakt Player 2: ... _Guide.pdf

Oh boy!

I hope Daniel and the others at Sibelius can figure out how to proper implement Kontakt 4 and I hope NI is supportive about that. Strange, because Komplete 6 has been available since November 2009. I just don't get it. I mean both products are pretty expensive but sibelius can't supply compatibility?

Don't know if Finale is as much trouble, but integration of Kontakt 4 seems pretty useful and could be a great argument for Sibelius if it would actually work.

Any timelines?

reWire is new to me, but could that be a workaround for my problem?
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