Cross-staff notes bugs

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Cross-staff notes bugs

Post by xavierpages » Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:09 am

I am working with cross-staff notes, and I have noticed some problems, which may be improved in the future:
1) Note spacing works not properly with accidentals (they collide with previous stems).
2) You can't force to appear an accidental on a crossed-staff note which has been hidden automatically by the program due its existance before in the bar.
3) If you place a clef change just before a cross-staff note (in the destination staff), it does not affect the note. You have to place it at the beginning of the measure or create hidden rests till just before the note and then place the clef.
4) When vertically spacing, a huge amount of space is given between two staves that have crossed stems between them (piano part, for example). I have to manually adjust piano staff separation at each staff when cross-staff beams appear.
I hope this helps.
Thank you!

PD: I don't know if this kind of suggestions should be posted in the wishlist...

Re: Cross-staff notes bugs

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Jeremy Hughes
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Post by Jeremy Hughes » Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:34 am


All these things are known problems and are on the wish list already.

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Post by xavierpages » Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:40 am

Thank you Jeremy! Sorry for double posting...

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Re: Cross-staff notes bugs

Post by mikel8 » Mon May 11, 2020 2:42 pm

... not to mention slurs of staff-crossing voices ...

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