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Font problem - V6.2 with Mac OSX 10.6.7

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Font problem - V6.2 with Mac OSX 10.6.7

Postby Gregor123 » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:09 am

I've been using Sib 6.2 for a number of years on my iMac 27 - sorted out the font problems etc etc.. However, I need to take my laptop to do some work in the USA next week so, I installed the program on my MacBook Pro - which is on 10.6.7.
The program has installed ok but it has the same font problems as I had with my desktop Mac. The thrust of the problem is, I can't recall what I need to do - can anyone help me please ?
The main problems are : no noteheads on scores loaded from my desktop, no titles or instrumentation visible, and probably the rest of the usual problem with fonts on this OX system.
Really desperate to sort this out and very grateful for any advice. Thank you.
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Re: Font problem - V6.2 with Mac OSX 10.6.7

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Re: Font problem - V6.2 with Mac OSX 10.6.7

Postby bobp » Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:48 pm

Any of these look familiar? From the AVID knowledge base.

If you find you can't see the notes, clefs and other symbols in Sibelius on Mac OS X you might want to try the following fixes:

Use the Font Book.

Run Font Book from your Applications folder
Select all of the Inkpen2, Opus, Reprise and Helsinki fonts using Command-click
Right-click and choose Disable Fonts
When asked to confirm, click Disable
Now right-click again and choose Enable Fonts
Now run Sibelius again
If that doesn't work, you can simply delete the Sibelius fonts and reinstall them.

Quit Sibelius
In the Finder, go to /Users/username/Library/Fonts and /Library/Fonts
Drag all the Opus, Inkpen2, Helsinki and Reprise fonts to the Trash
Empty the Trash
Now, download and install Scorch, which includes the latest versions of the Sibelius fonts.
Restart your computer and then start Sibelius
If that doesn't work, it is likely that the system font caches are damaged and need to be recreated.

Quit Sibelius
In the Finder, go to /Users/username/Library/Fonts and /Library/Fonts
Drag all the Opus, Inkpen2, Helsinki (Sibelius 4 & 5) and Reprise (Sibelius 5 only) fonts to the Trash
Empty the Trash
Download and install OnyX
Run OnyX and click Cancel when asked if you want OnyX to check your start-up volume.
Click the Cleaning button (with an icon representing a broom)
On the Fonts tab, make sure the System and Users checkbox is switched on, then click Execute
You'll be told that all applications will be shut down: click Continue
A progress bar appears as the font caches are cleaned. Once this has completed, click Restart to restart your computer

Actually for 6.1 but the forum says it should work for 6.2
Bob Porter
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