Sibelius 6 will not re-install on Mac now

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Sibelius 6 will not re-install on Mac now

Post by glio » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:21 am

I have been using Sibelius for 10+ years and until recently had version 6.2 installed & working on my Mac with OS Mojave. Unfortunately I had to replace the hard drive and chose to replace a HDD with an SSD. Sibelius will not now install with an error "Error: 150000 (ERR_AUTH_GENERAL) “.
Avid are not at all interested in sorting out the problem, just stating
"If your computer OS is not compatible with Sibelius it means that it has not been tested to use with the software. It might work, it also might not work. But if you're going to have any issues, Since it's not within the recommended hardware then, it will not be supported."

I had had the warning that my computer was not optimised, but Sibelius worked perfectly.

Anybody have any thoughts on how to sort this, or am I going to have to change to Dorico because Avid are not interested in their customers

Re: Sibelius 6 will not re-install on Mac now

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Re: Sibelius 6 will not re-install on Mac now

Post by bobp » Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:54 pm

How did you get Sib 6 to run on your mac before the hard drive crash? Did a shop do the repair. I'm not sure about Mac but usually an OS upgrade is different from a new hard drive OS install. How many OS updates did Sib 6 run on? Sorry, just trying to figure out how you got Sib to run on Mojave to begin with. As for Avid, pretty normal for a company to say their software isn't supported on a particular OS. Sib 6 isn't supported on W10, but lots of people use it. There is an Avid knowledge base article on that error. But it's for earlier OS's. Might work on your problem. ... o/en362447

You might follow the link to download 6.2. It features a full installer and might work better (or not).
Bob Porter
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