Advanced note join settings

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Advanced note join settings

Post by gabot3 » Tue Jul 06, 2021 4:04 pm

I'd wish to join eight notes in four, but also when there's an eight note silence in the first pulse, so the three eight notes keep joined.
At this moment I can do that manually, with the joint funtions, but I'd like to have an automatical (by default) setting. Excuse me for my bad english.

The program do this with the sixteenth notes by default. I'd like the same behaviour with the eight notes.
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Re: Advanced note join settings

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Re: Advanced note join settings

Post by KJ_Palmer » Wed Jul 07, 2021 8:16 am

Beaming in Sibelius can be a little unsatisfactory. I don't think you can do this by default in Sibelius, I've tried various grouping options in Time Signatures but it seems the quaver rest always messes up the beaming.

However, there is a plugin that will do this, called "Beam 3 Eighths in Common Time". When you run it on your score, the default is Beam 3 eighth notes /quarters together, press OK. Hopefully it won't affect any other beamings in your score, but you should check.

The plugin is (or should) be under the Layout section for Plugins on the Home screen. Not sure if this is shipped with your version of Sibelius, but if not you can download it from: ... category=7

You might want to read about installing plugins in the Sibelius Reference Manual
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