Pedal markings have to be made much easier

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Post by leuname1324 » Sun Feb 26, 2023 8:56 pm

Dear Devs,

As the title said.
The current system is flawed and probably overly complicated. It makes you want to avoid writing for piano altogether. Especially annoying is the fact you can't simply copy three pedal markings in eighth-note spaces and copy them to the next three as they will sometimes randomly change their spacing. Since the markings have to be attached to the bottom system of a piano you can't always attach the pedal markings to the eighth notes that you want them to attach to when there is a long note in the left hand. This gets really tedious to manually drag each pedal marking with the mouse to the correct miniscule position etc. and kills the workflow.
I suggest a system with only one possible vertical position of the pedal markings except if you turn the feature off. And pasting pedal markings to previous markings should easily be possible (for example just categorize pedal markings into 16th, 8th, quarter notes etc and a category "free"? )

Hoping for a quick reaction,
Emanuel Reichert-Lübbert

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Post by KJ_Palmer » Tue Feb 28, 2023 7:08 am

I'm sure you're right, but sadly Sibelius developers are highly unlikely to answer your requests on this forum, This is an unofficial (despite its name) user forum, and is very quiet these days. There are only a few of us still around here, trying to help where we can.

As a mainly wind player this is out of my league. Someone else may suggest a better workflow, otherwise you can try over at the official Avid Sibelius website here:
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