turn off playback for ties

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turn off playback for ties

Post by gmardoc » Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:31 pm

It would be nice if it was possible to turn off the playback (function) of ties without turning off the playback of the note itself.

I realize this sounds like an odd request, but there is a reason for it. In percussion music (especially cymbals and other long-ringing instruments), it is common to have a tie hanging off the notehead to indicate that the instrument should be allowed to ring. It is similar to writing "l.v." A lot of prominent percussion arrangers I know prefer this "tie" notation method because, visually, it looks like the note on the page continues to "ring." I do some inputting for older arrangers who write by hand, and they insist on this type of notation. The problem is that is messes up the playback and I get complaints.

The "tie" method also has some advantages over the "l.v" method in situations where multiple instruments are being played simultaneously (e.g. a marching hand cymbal line with multiple divisi parts written on one staff). If the writer wants a combination of short and long sounds to occur simultaneously or in close proximity, the "l.v." instruction is confusing because it isn't possible to distinguish which notes are intended to ring and which ones are intended to be dampened. On the other hand, with the "tie" notation, the writer can specify which notes should ring by adding a tie to them and leaving the other notes as-is. It allows the writer to describe his/her intent more clearly.

The problem with this is that it affects playback greatly. If i put a tie on the end of a quarter note (that doesn't tie to anything), the next note on that line/space often doesn't play back, even if it is a full measure later. It would be great to be able to write a tie purely as a visual cue to allow an instrument to ring naturally, and not have it affect the playback.

I would love to be able to select a tie, go to the playback menu in the Properties window, and un-check "play on pass" so that it wouldn't affect the next note on that line/space.

Some people have suggested using slurs rather than ties. The problem with this is that slurs automatically attach themselves to the next note, even if the next note is being played by a completely different percussion instrument. If there is a rest after the note I'm dealing with, the slur droops down rather than staying horizontal. This doesn't have the visual impression of a sustaining ring.

I should note that lately I've been using Virtual Drumline, which may contribute to the playback problem, but I believe if the ties can be "turned off" in Sibelius, it would circumvent the problem altogether.
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Re: turn off playback for ties

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Re: turn off playback for ties

Post by Sebasian » Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:24 am

gmardoc wrote: . . . it is common to have a tie hanging off the notehead to indicate that the instrument should be allowed to ring . .
It is comparatively easy to make a line to do this, using the existing l.v. symbol, and which then gives you control over how long a sound rings on after the written duration.

Alternatively (if playback isn't important) just use the l.v. symbol instead of a tie.

Some users put a short (non-magnetic) slur instead of the l.v. symbol.

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