Scrubbing Tool & Improved Speedy

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Scrubbing Tool & Improved Speedy

Post by HansNel » Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:52 pm

1) It will be absolutely great if a certain key can be pressed and the music plays (chord by chord) as the mouse is moved throught the score.

So often I wish to audition the harmonies in my score so by keeping my mouse over a beat in the bar, Sibelius must sustain that chord until I move the mouse to the next one. In Finale one presses Ctrl + Space and hover over the score to audition the harmonies (the whole line) Or, pressing Shift + Ctrl + Space only the current staff auditions on which the mouse hovers. This is VERY useful.

2) The new 'Speedy' note entry method is not complete yet. Rather, it's more like Finale's 'Simple Entry Tool'. In 'Speedy', we can use a MIDI keyboard, but the idea of 'Speedy' is to enter notes WITHOUT the keyboard. So, one can enter notes through a MIDI keyboard but 'Speedy' is mainly used by moving the cursor up or down with the arrow keys and then hitting a note value between 2 and 8 adding a note at the corsors' pitch. After the note is added, the cursor moves on. SO, the arrow keys positions the cursor at a certain pitch and a note is entered by hitting a number key. THIS is the real power of 'Speedy Entry'.


Re: Scrubbing Tool & Improved Speedy

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Finale Speedy

Post by HansNel » Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:38 pm

My MIDI keyboard is at work, so I was forced to make use of alphbetic note input today.

I must confess that this method actually works better than Speedy Entry.

Allow me to explain:

There are four 8th notes: c e f c

In Speedy one must:

1) first place the curosr on the c line
2) press the 4 button (create 8th note at cursor)
3) Up Arrow 2x
4) press the 4 button
5) Up Arrow 1x
6) press the 4 button
7) press the Down Arrow 3x
and finally press the 4 button

8 Steps and 11 keypresses to enter these four notes.

I discovered in Sibelius:

1) press 4 1x (Select 8th note)
2) press cefc on keyboard - done!

2 steps and 5 keystrokes!

AND, making use of the 'Intervals' buttons make note entry even more a breeze. This will require about 30 more keystrokes in Speedy.

Alphabetic Note Input ROCKS!!

Please ingore my previous post about the Speedy Entry, I'm fine. The scrubbing feature is important though.

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Re: Scrubbing Tool & Improved Speedy

Post by kjonsson » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:44 pm

Second that!
Think I've seen comments on this subject like "scrubbing is a feature that belongs to a DAW rather than a notation software". :shock: :?
The "select note and hit P" auditioning method is fine, but for some passages, it would be way quicker with a keycommand á lá Finale. I am quite surprised this is not implemented in Sib 7 - it has been around in Finale since at least 10 years back, if I remember correctly.

Pleeeeease dev. team - give us a scrub function! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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