To:Daniel Spreadbury-Automatic Melody Harmonizer Plugin.-

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To:Daniel Spreadbury-Automatic Melody Harmonizer Plugin.-

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Automatic Melody Harmonizer Plugin in Sibelius.-

Mr Daniel Spreadbury
Sibelius project manager.-
(copy:Mrs.Bob Zawalich & Mr. David O'Rourke):

idea: a plugin that automatically recognizes the scale used on the chord, and harmonize to 4 and 5 voices.
Suggested scales:
major, minor, melodic minor, harmonic minor, diminished HW, WH diminished, whole tone, pentatonic major, pentatonic minor, and the modes of each scale.

Mr Sibelius & Mr Daniel Spreadbury :
I sent this request, on the recommendation of Mr. Bob Zawalich.

I appreciate your attention, and on behalf of composers and arrangers, thanks for the plugins they have done for sibelius, being a great contribution to the realization of the music of today.
I tried the plugin "Arrange Brass Voicings" and is a great tool.
My email is to make a request:
I tested the program with your Sibelius plugin and it works by distributing the voices that have previously been written (4 part block) to 8 voices, for the realization of a big band.
meanwhile, does not exist in sibelius, a plugin to Harmonize in the chromatic parallel, diatonic, or dominant technique, the notes of a melody, with chord notes, or passing notes.

I tested too with disappointment, the "finale"program, which has an option to harmonize, but unfortunately, only harmonizes block, simple chords ... for example: I wanted to harmonize a melody on B7 (# 5, # 9) with the altered scale, but the result was a disaster.

I just happened to all the altered dominant chords, major chords, minor, and diminished with Tensions.

i use sibelius 6 program and am very happy with it, and I appreciate if you could create a plugin to 4 voice harmonization of chords 4,5,6 and 7 notes used in jazz and contemporary music.

I appreciate your patience and attention.

Thanks, and God Bless You.

with friendship,

John Patitucci

"I suggest that you make a request to Daniel Spreadbury, the Sibelius project manager – you can contact him on the Sibelius tech support forum. He may possibly consider it something that Sibelius itself would consider creating at some point".
Bob Zawalich

Re: To:Daniel Spreadbury-Automatic Melody Harmonizer Plugin.-

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