Few improvements that could save a lot of time and despair

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Few improvements that could save a lot of time and despair

Post by Jerome_F » Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:30 pm

1) I find sibelius really bad on writing scores of my free piano playing (what is called Flexi-time I think).
If I record my playing - no matter how much I played with the configuration - the final score looks really bad as sheet notes.
I tried to used all the recommended Plug-ins but most of the time it Ruins the rhythms and tempos and makes a lot of unexpected timing issues or missing notes, or mis-placed notes, it's really frustrating.
I would excpect from a proffessional SW like sibelius to deal with it much easier, simpler, and better.

2) build in Sequencer!
If I have a midi file played in my Yamaha digital piano,
and there are 2 mistakes in the middle that I want to change, I cannot really do it with Sibelius.
Every note affecting the other notes in terms of Rhythms,
If I load the midi file - It really looks bad as notes.
Sibelius should have a Sequencer build in.
So in case you want to change just one note - it wouldn't be so hard.
I think the cost of Sibelius SW must have a sequencer as a build in.
Notion has it and the SW costs only 250$.

3) The "Live tempo" feature is a *must* if you want the score, especially piano scores, to be heared or played more humanically (more real - as opposed to a computer score),
A classical score must have breathing rhythm, a little bit slower than faster, more flexible, otherwise it sounds like a robot.
So After we understand that this feature is very very crucial to the way the composition need to be played/heard,
I must tell you that I cannot work with the the live-tempo feature becuase it really a pain in the ---.
It's so hard to conduct each bar with the tempo I have in mind.
It sometimes takes me more time to try to conduct it than to write the whole piece.
The most funny thing is that sibelius already have a way to display the live tempo.
So if you could only provide a way to edit this graphical tempo deiagram - it would have save me a hours!
Just to add a few points in the middle and graphically move the line upper/downer.
It would be also usefull to add Breath marks (that I will be able to pause/hold the music for more than the 2 formata types)

4) Same graphical design I would expect to provide also the ability to use as "Expression/Volume" per each stave, So if I have strings that each time starting quiet and getting more Forte (volume up) - I will be able to control it easier and faster and exactly the way / speed / shape that I want.

5) Better CC messages control and GUI -
I use Sibelius with 3rd party Sample modules, The best advantage of the samples is the way to play it more human style, with a lot of variations like Vibrato etc...
If I want the score to be sounds good I must change the vibrato rate & depth almost every long note.
(And it's just an example, there are many other control messages).
The way sibelius treats CC midi messages is really bad.
Again Graphically improvements like you can find in Cubase 6 - in 1 window I can find all the diagrams of all the CC messages, so easy to use, to change, to feel, to play with.
This makes the experience of production so much fun.
In sibelius you just get Frustrated#@!$% more and more as long as you try to deal with it.

6) Drums are really a big pain if trying to write with a mouse and keyboard,
There is so much work to do in order to write the drums part!!!
for example - if you want a stim rolling brushes sounds of the snare, you have to change the note type=20 then you have to type specific note - in order to produce this sound.
So much to remember, I have so many notes, for each drum sound different note type number, so messy,
so much troubles and pain.
Why not using some more expression articulation above the regular note type?
e.g. snare with text above BR will generate the brushes stiming sound?
Why not giving more shortcuts or options when typing Cymbals notes and it will change the note type automatycally?


Re: Few improvements that could save a lot of time and despair

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