Official Help Department of Sibelius

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Official Help Department of Sibelius

Post by ronaldhutasuhut » Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:01 am

A letter for Sibelius.

Dear Avid,
you must consider to make a new department: Official Help Department of Sibelius!

Sibelius must provide their official expert to help their Sibelius users.
There are important reasons why Avid Sibelius should have Help Department:

1. Users will get exact answer of their problem accurately.
2. Users will have some privacy whenever they ask for help. There won't be annoying/useless/unwanted commentaries from other user.
3. Users will get more friendly and humble conversation. They don't have to feel like stupid person whenever some other users think that they know everything.
4. As a major company who produce great product like Sibelius software, Avid must be able to answer all questions from user. Otherwise, Sibelius will look just like a weak program produced by unprofessional company.

Yes, there are users who had experiences and mastered Sibelius, but official answers will be much more reliable as users doesn't have to ended with some debates or whatever.

I couldn't even find your email address to send this message.


With all do respect to all Sibelius users, this message doesn't mean to under estimate your knowledge.
If you know much about the software and would like to give a pure help.. then the company should give you some reward or hire you to help their company.

Thank you for reading.


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