"Freeze" staves like DAW tracks

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"Freeze" staves like DAW tracks

Post by mjacobs » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:35 pm


I am familiar with the practice of "freezing" tracks in a DAW (almost any DAW). This essentially converts the algorithmic playback of a synth track to a simple audio file to reduce the load on the sound engine in playback. Frozen tracks can not be edited as long as they are frozen. They will playback in the form in which they were frozen with significant reduction of strain on the playback engine. "Unfreezing" them returns them to normal with normal playback load and editability.

I'm wondering if something like this would be possible in Sibelius. I am working on a piece with many parts (3 orchestras) and I frequently bottom out on the playback buffer when listening. If I could freeze some of the staves then they would hopefully playback without buffering problems while I continue to work on the "active" staves. Maybe this would be as simple as synchronized playback with an audio file through a DAW with something like Reason ReWire...

What I do now is to export to an audio file and listen "offline."

Thanks for feedback.

Re: "Freeze" staves like DAW tracks

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