Dynamics don't work with trills in Sibelius using Noteperformer3?

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Sibelius Version: 2023.8
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Post by bramblesp » Thu Dec 14, 2023 8:52 pm

Hoping someone can help me figure this out:

I am using Sibelius version 2023.8 with midi configuration set to NotePerformer3. When I add a dynamic crescendo (or decrescendo) to a long trill note, regardless of instrument, and including start and end dynamics, the crescendo does not work and the note plays at the same volume for the whole duration.

Live Playback is turned off - and in fact makes no difference whether it is on or off.
I have experimented with turning off and on the Velocities and altering the Transform functions in the crescendo/diminuendo setting but makes no difference.

Any ideas on how to change the settings for dynamics over trills? I might not completely understand how to use the Velocities or Transform settings, and may be missing something...

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