A few more design tweaks to the Forum

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Post by Forum Admin » Mon Sep 11, 2023 11:27 pm

We made a few more minor design tweaks to the forum that you may not have noticed. These tweaks are designed to make the forum more readable and less cluttered.

- We removed the ad in the first reply from the blue box. We think this makes it more obvious where the replies to the posts are at a glance. Previously the ad tried to mimmic a post reply and it was visually awkward and confusing.

- We increased the size of the post subject at the top of the page.

- We removed the subject of the post from the top of each reply which was redundant. It's cleaner and less cluttered.

- We increased the size of the poster's name and date on the top of each post.

- We rounded the edges of avatars and blockquotes.