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some no mouse questions

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some no mouse questions

Postby dentintheuniverse » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:53 pm


I'm trying to use sibelius without a mouse, so i can eventually input music really fast. I have some questions about this which i couldnt find in any tutorials.

How do i get the last note of the score selected after i pressed TAB to "tab into the score" without pressing right on my keyboard 100 times?

How do i change the place of the playbackbar? for example to the beginning of the score or to a certain bar?

How do i when i input drums, put a bass drum below a hihat without using the interval function?
And is it possible to just insert it with a midi keyboard without first having a very low hi hat note and then changing this hi hat note into a bass drum note?
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Re: some no mouse questions

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