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Multisounds when playing and recording

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Multisounds when playing and recording

Postby brackencreek » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:38 am

Hi, Im new here. I have Sebelius 6.2 and a Yamaha Motif xs8. I am trying to input from my Motif and I get the piano sound I want, but also a synth sound. Any clue as to why both are sounding at the same time and what I need to do to correct the problem?
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Re: Multisounds when playing and recording

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Re: Multisounds when playing and recording

Postby Feldspar » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:25 pm

I don't use midi to input notes, but it sounds like you might be hearing the note from the Motif and the note from the instrument selected for the staff into which you inputting.

That's the only thing I can think of. I'd also recommend getting the most recent version of Sibelius, whenever that becomes feasible for you.
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Re: Multisounds when playing and recording

Postby bobp » Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:23 am

Your version of Sibelius should work fine for this. But you might make sure you have the latest drivers for your keyboard.
You also might check the midi keyboard section of the manual. It has more suggestions.
Bob Porter
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Re: Multisounds when playing and recording

Postby andyg » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:24 am

You don't need to upgrade.

If you want Sibelius to play back using the sounds on your Motif, then you'll need to install and use the appropriate Sibelius soundset. I'd also switch the Motif to 'Local Off' to avoid MIDI feedback or doubling of sounds/notes.
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