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How to remove a stray metronome mark

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How to remove a stray metronome mark

Postby SulphurDwarf » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:20 pm

Hi everyone. I'm new to Sibelius First and I'm still finding out what it can do. I have a problem with a stray metronome mark that has appeared randomly in a single part. I have used metronome marks in the my full score, I have no problem creating them or deleting them....except this one! This one differs from the others in colour. It's not the usual black but a mustard/yellow (I'm colour blind so I hope this makes sense). It does not appear in the corresponding bar in the full score, just this one bar in a violin part. I can't highlight it or drag it. I'm concerned that when I come to print my parts this stray marking will be printed too. Can anyone offer a solution? Thanks for reading. :idea:
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Re: How to remove a stray metronome mark

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Re: How to remove a stray metronome mark

Postby bobp » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:07 pm

There are a couple of things you can try.
First, does the mark effect the music? If not, then it is a corruption.
With the cursor over a measure of the violin part in the score, left click three times to select the entire part. Hit CTRL+C (in Windows). If you are nervous about the next step, you can create a new score and copy the part into a treble clef line. Then 1. with the violin part still selected in the original score, hit delete. Then select the the first measure of the violin part and hit CTRL+V. If that doesn't get rid of the marking, you can 2. delete the entire violin part using "Add or remove instruments. Then re-add a violin part and copy the music back into it. Most often one of these methods work.
Bob Porter
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