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Change a symbol on an existing sheet music

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Change a symbol on an existing sheet music

Postby Gefn » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:43 pm

I have a sheet music, namely a drum sheet music, and I would like to change a symbol as I don't use the same standard.

The open hi-hat is now represented by a diamond, I would like to represent it by a circled cross, and so that every existing hi-hat symbol on the sheet music is "recalculated" (I wouldn't want to modify it 1 by 1), is there any simple way to do that ?

I tried editing the instrument I'm using, though:
- I can't select a circled cross
- It doesn't "recalculate" symbols, I just found myself having the same hi-hat symbol, but without sound associated to it anymore

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Re: Change a symbol on an existing sheet music

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