chord symbols and font

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Re: chord symbols and font

Post by MisterBebop » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:53 pm

MikeLyons wrote:
Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:15 pm
Tose are NOT the full ribbons.

Go into File-->Preferences and check that you haven't got School Features set up in Keyboard shortcuts. That greays out and/or removes some functionality (quite a lot of it, actually).

Cover up your ID information on that image or remove it completely. That information can be used to steal your account!

With the File-->Help-->About screen open, click on additional information.

A 'splash screen'splash screen.png should open up with scrolling info on it, but most importantly it should have the word Ultimate on it. if it doesn't, then this is NOT the full product.

Actually, I've just realised you don't have Ultimate. You have a very much reduced functionality. It's a bit like buying a horse with only 2 1/2 legs and one eye.
Well there it is, at last! I had paid for Ultimate but for some reason it had reverted to regular 2.5-legged/one-eyed horse Sibelius. It took some doing but I finally got it back to Ultimate and now all of those problems have disappeared. Magic!

So thanks for finally figuring out what the problem was!

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