Extracted SATB parts back into one SATB score

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Extracted SATB parts back into one SATB score

Post by ringnab1 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:13 am

Hi there;
Total newbie here - day 3 of free trial but have been using Anvil Studio for 10+ years for inputting scores from the two non-pro choirs I sing in into SATB parts. I love the ease of use of Sibelius and will continue to use it so here is my issue:
I imported a MIDI file from Anvil Studio with SATB parts and they imported with the voices in Soprano and Tenor very high and the Bari/Bass parts low. I could not find a way to fix this until I extracted the parts and then kept hitting the Transpose button several times and also manually (select All, and using the down/up keys as appropriate) to force them into proper position. Have now added slurs, staccatos and other notations in the parts and now I want to get them back into into a conductor's score for printing. Hitting a wall. What am I missing? Please be explicit in any and all instructions.
Humbly I thank you for your expertise...

Re: Extracted SATB parts back into one SATB score

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Re: Extracted SATB parts back into one SATB score

Post by MikeLyons » Sun Jul 28, 2019 7:37 am

I'm sorry, John, but the firat thing you need to do is rad the manual (presss F1 or use the ? in the top right corner) from cover to cover. Most of what you need is in there.

If a part is too high triple click the staff and then press [ctrl/cmd][down arrow} to move it down an octave
If a part is too low triple click the staff and then press [ctrl/cmd][up arrow]. to move it up an octave.

Do not extract parts. That is no longer necessary except in very special circumstances. To look at an individual part to tweak it, select a bar on the staff and press w. To cycle between all the parts and the score press [ctrl/cmd]#.
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