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Old Mac Versions of Sibelius

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Old Mac Versions of Sibelius

Postby DaveSyn » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:05 am

I own Sibelius 5, but I think I upgraded to 6. There is an old recording computer that I'd like to use Sibelius on. Versions 1 through 3 will run on Mac OS9 but I'm having problems locating a copy. All versions of Sibelius are apparently still registrable so it's just a matter of locating a new (old) copy. I don't think I can use my current serial number on the old version, but if I could, that would be excellent since I'd only need the installer. I seem to have to purchase support to talk to Sibelius, or something, so I'm unsure.

Does anyone have a copy for Mac OS9 and prior? Please get in touch, been looking on Ebay for a while and I don't see any new/old stock on there.
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Re: Old Mac Versions of Sibelius

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