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Extra beats in the bar issue

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Extra beats in the bar issue

Postby elruinc » Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:15 pm

Hello friends.

Attached is a screen shot for reference

I have an issue with extra beats appearing in just one staff. I'm not really sure how to look this problem up. I've tried a few different approaches but they all kind of lead to dead ends or other topics entirely. If you look at the attached screenshot you will see 3 staves. the first 2 are completely normal while the 3rd has phantom additional beats. I don't understand how to make them go away. I clear the measure and it looks normal until I start entering notes into it. Once I start, the phantom beats appear.

I know where the problem has come from (at least I suspect I do). I work with another person who uses finale for his work. He has me revamping some of his finale charts for a new project. I'm not a great finale guy (at all...though I plan to learn) so I export as xml and bring it into Sibelius. I have done this dozens of times w/o this issue, granted it can get quite messy I've never encountered this specifically before.

I found a work around to this issue already by adding 2 measures before the 2 problem measures, copying all necessary info, pasting, deleting the problem measures. However, I would like to better understand the issue if I could. Does anyone have any thoughts?


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Re: Extra beats in the bar issue

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Re: Extra beats in the bar issue

Postby MikeLyons » Sun Nov 25, 2018 6:50 am

It's quite simple, really. xml transfer is not perfect. Finale allows you to input incorrect bars. Put those together and this is the result!

Best method - after import, use the plugin Find Irregular and Misfilled Bars to show any incorrect bars, then delete any extra rests in those bars.
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