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Lyrics & Text

Postby avisato » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:32 am

I have searched for this but I cannot find anything in the forum or on the knowledge base that is related. I have the most recent version of Sibelius Ultimate. I fairly recently upgraded from the trial version but I have been using Sibelius 9 and the previous versions on another computer since the first version released and I have not encountered this issue before and it was not happening during the trial period. I am experiencing frequent crashing of the software when editing text, either typing lyrics or other text, titles, subtitles, composer information, etc. It seems to be random but only ever while dealing with text elements, never notation elements. The program freezes and then I get an error that Sibelius has crashed and I lose whatever I have done since the last save, thankfully not usually very much, but when I try to perform the same action again after restarting, I continually and repeatedly get the program crash in the same place, to the point that I have had to often move notes to another staff, add the lyrics that are causing an issue, then copy it back to its original place to avoid the crashing. Please, please, someone help me. I am not experiencing any crashing of other applications on a regular basis. My system is fully updated, MacOS X 10.14 (Mojave), a MacBook Pro 13.3 (Mid-2015), and the last clean OS installation was about three months ago. There is very little software on the machine, really only the word processor, the default applications, the Adobe CC (fully up to date) and Sibelius. I have checked such things as testing the RAM and SSD for errors and they come back clean from Apple's diagnostics. It is not appearing to overheat, unless the temperature gauge is inaccurate.

Perhaps someone else will have encountered this and be able to give me some advice. Thanks.

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Re: Lyrics & Text

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