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Cue notes size disparity

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Cue notes size disparity

Postby ThomaStudios » Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:53 pm

Sibelius v6:

I am working on examples to be inserted into a publication and the client needs many individual files from the entire score for parts, so I have to extract them. Linked parts won't work for them. Some of the examples have cue notes that are marked as cue-sized in the score. But when extracted, these same notes show as full-sized even tho the cue-sized checkbox is checked. Unchecking and rechecking does nothing. Curiously, the cue notes show up at the correct size in the PDF generated from the individual parts.

Can anyone shed light on this. It seems like a bug to me and it's going to force me to probably re-input the affected measures. A major PITA.

J D Thomas
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Re: Cue notes size disparity

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