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Surface Go and Sibelius

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Surface Go and Sibelius

Postby chuckpuckett » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:36 pm

(I posted this in Hardware sub-forum, but got no feedback, so decided to put it to the broader audence...)

I'm considering a Surface Go, to take advantage of more mobility, and because Sibelius won't run (meaning won't let me compose) on my iPad. Wanted to ask about running Sib on it, specifically Sib 7.
  • Anyone have any experience running Sib on Surface Go? If so, how'd that work out?
  • Issues with storing sounds (ie, space constraints)?
  • I use Noteperformer. Similar questions w.r.t storage issues for those who use NP.
  • I tend to mainly use keyboard with Sib, but mousing is occasionally useful (selection, specifically individual notes). I presume the Pen would be a sine qua non for precision selection, is that a reasonable assumption?
  • Any truly blocking issues anyone would care to reveal? Conversely, any really positive reviews?
I don't really have the discretionary funds to spring for a Surface Pro, so would like to find out whether Surface Go is "a go" or not. :wink:
Tnx in advance for all useful input.
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Re: Surface Go and Sibelius

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Re: Surface Go and Sibelius

Postby bobp » Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:40 am

Not surprised Sibelius won't run on on your ipad.
Here's some things to think about.

Sibelius should run on the Go depending which one you get. I suppose if your using NP you can get by with 4GB of ram. As well as the slow cpu. It seems to me that for a computer to be of much use you need as much storage as possible. Looks like the max is 258 GBs. Plus you need the keyboard and extra docking adapters. It all adds up. Up to you, but check out prices on small laptops. I've heard both bad and good aas to how well touch screen works.
Bob Porter
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