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Same bogus file corruption message

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Same bogus file corruption message

Postby VeryTall » Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:20 am

Some months ago, I installed Sibelius Ultimate 2018.11, after using 2018.7 successsfully (well, it's pretty dodgy on Mac OS Mojave, but it was working). I immediately found that I could not open ANY Sibelius files. Attempting to open ANY Sibelius file would bring an error message saying "This file appears to be corrupted. Check you backups folder, etc., etc." This would happen even after creating a new file using the built-in Sibelius new file feature. It wouldn't even open the file that the application itself had created. After casting about for a solution, searching the forums, searching the web, talking to tech support, etc., I reinstalled 2018.7 in desperation. To my great relief, it worked! Having been burned once, I was reluctant to try 2018.12, and just got around to trying it tonight. And found no more 2018.12--now we're up to 2019.1. Which I installed, and to my dismay found it was acting just like 2018.11. I couldn't believe it. Having been through this song and dance before, I tried a handful of files, restarted the computer, tried again--same deal, so I right away reinstalled 2018.7. It is dodgy and buggy and crashes quite frequently, but at least it works.

Last go-around, I got one Sibelius tech support guy to admit that this was a known issue.

Anybody else having this problem?

IMac 2015, Mojave.
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Re: Same bogus file corruption message

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Re: Same bogus file corruption message

Postby bobp » Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:39 pm

It's worth running First Aid from Utilities. That used to be more useful in older Man OS's. I won't hurt anything and might help. Sibelius runs on most Macs fine. Just make sure everything is good on your end. Good luck.
Bob Porter
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