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Sibelius Won't Open.

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Sibelius Won't Open.

Postby sus4 » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:40 pm

I shut down my Mac yesterday and rebooted today. Tried to open Sibelius by clicking on the icon on my dock and the logo came on and I heard the opening music, but it wouldn't open. The boot up wheel kept spinning and I waited and waited and it would not open so I did a force quit. Now when I click on the icon on my dock it doesn't respond at all. So I tried to restart my Mac and it won't restart because it's saying Sibelius didn't shut down. I right click on the icon on my dock and chose Force Quit and nothing is happening. Any suggestions?
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Re: Sibelius Won't Open.

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Re: Sibelius Won't Open.

Postby bobp » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:06 am

OK, one thing at a time. I'm a bit confused.
So you started your Mac (laptop or desktop?) and when you started Sibelius (which version?) you got the spinning beach ball of death. So you did a force quit of Sibelius or your Mac? I guess you quit of Sibelius, so then you tried to start Sibelius and nothing happens. So then you tried to restart your Mac and the Mac won't restart? It won't shut off, or won't start up again? I'm guessing it won't shut off.
Do what you have to do to shut down your Mac completely. I'm guessing a hard shut down is needed. Let it think about it's sins for a few minutes, then start it up. Once your back in to your desktop, don't start Sibelius from the dock. Instead, start it from your applications folder. It sounds like the dock shortcut might be corrupt. You can make a new shortcut later.
Bob Porter
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Re: Sibelius Won't Open.

Postby pianowillbebach » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:32 am

I agree with the above poster. Shut down totally, and then delete the desktop shortcut. Start it from your apps, and create a new shortcut.
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