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Disable/change engraving rules by individual part/page

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Disable/change engraving rules by individual part/page

Postby skinicod » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:40 pm

Hey everyone,

I wondered if there was some way to change or disable engraving rules for a particular part/passage or part. For example, I find that the default of 65 in "Justify staves when page is at least x% full" works for 90% of what I want. However, there are times where on a particular page I want complete autonomy as to where I place my staves. I would therefore like in these situations to disable or set this figure to be 1% for the particular page or part that I'm working on - without it affecting the rest of my score or parts.

Is there a means of doing this? Or any kind of workaround for this specific example?


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Re: Disable/change engraving rules by individual part/page

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