Hide Time Signature - New Movement with Pickup Measure

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Hide Time Signature - New Movement with Pickup Measure

Post by TedDavid » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:20 pm

I have read any number of similar topics here, but none addresses my specific issue. I am combining Sibelius files into a multi-movement piece. The 4th movement has a new key and time signature, but unlike the previous movements, has a pickup bar. Movements 1 through 3 combine fine. I have already added a measure at the end of the 3rd movement, set a time and key signature and imported the 4th movement file.

I can hide the key signature, but not the cautionary time signature that appears after the final measure of the previous movement. When I select the new movement starting with the pickup measure , select 3/4 (the new time sig) and uncheck allow cautionary, it moves the pickup measure notes into a new full measure, incorrectly re-barring the movement. It also adds double bars after beat one of various measures all the way to the end of the movement. Finally, it adds an additional time signature in the first full measure. The "Rewrite Measures to Next Time Signature" checkbox is greyed out.

Selecting from the first full measure to the end only adds an additional time signature, and does not hide the one at the end of the previous movement.

Incidentally, it doen't allow me to put a page break at the end of the 3rd movement, although the 4th movement does start on a newe page.

In short, I have not been able to enter a new time signature, respect that there is a pickup measure, hide the cautionary at the end of the previous movement and maintain correct barlines.

Re: Hide Time Signature - New Movement with Pickup Measure

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Re: Hide Time Signature - New Movement with Pickup Measure

Post by KJ_Palmer » Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:13 pm

If you're appending files and the fourth movement file has the pick up bar and new time signature in place Sibelius should take care of this. There should be no need to add the measure and time/key signatures at the end of the third movement. Adding the new time sig to the pickup bar seems to be confusing things further.

After appending you can then run the Tidy appended score plugin to get rid of the unwanted cautionaries.

Perhaps try that first, and/or attach your score (in a .zip file) so that someone can take a look.
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Re: Hide Time Signature - New Movement with Pickup Measure

Post by MikeLyons » Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:04 am

Make sure that you have created the pickup bar as a pickup bar with the correct no of beats. I.e. not a regular bar with deleted rests at the start. Appending this to another score will replace the missing rests.

If this doesn't work, try making the pickup bar 1/4 (or whatever it needs) with its own visible time signature. Then replace it with the correct TS after appending.

I'm a bit concerned about your not being able to make a new page break at the end of your previous movement.However, if you have no bars after the end of that movement, then there will be nothing to move onto a new page. Appending the next score will change the page break to a system break which may explain part of what is happening.

As KJ_Palmer suggests, using the tidy appended scores plugin will greatly reduce the amount of work needed.
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