Cannot Download Sound Set Predefined Templates

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Cannot Download Sound Set Predefined Templates

Post by TedDavid » Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:18 am

The only option that Sibelius offers to playback through MIDI is the Microsoft Wavetable GM MIDI. I have a vintage Korg module that has infinitely better sounds. It is accessible via USB using a PreSonus STUDIO 26C. I wish to use the Korg as my sound source for playback. My understanding is that I will need to create a new sound set in order to do that.

In a quest to define a new sound set for the Korg X5DR module, I attempted to download (using a link on the Sibelius Sound Set Editor page) one of the Korg sound sets. What happens is I am taken to a page that links to a FAQ page - there are no .XML files available.

It was my plan to use an existing sound set to learn the specific content and format of the XML files and either modify or create anew the desired set. One of the banks in the Korg X5DR is General MIDI, but with some special and useful drum/percussion patches, such as their Ethnic Percussion patch.

I have already downloaded and installed Adober Air and the Sound Set Editor. I checked the path to where any predefined sound sets should have been stored and the /Sounds part of that folder path doesn't even exist. So, my question is: where can I find the sound set files on the internet. And secondarily, is there one that already has the GM programs in it?

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Re: Cannot Download Sound Set Predefined Templates

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