line length not shown correctly

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line length not shown correctly

Post by a1s2d3f4 » Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:01 pm

I want lines in sibelius to be precisely displayed. I have created a plugin that allows me to position the lines precisely (at specific position unit (tick) and of specific duration ).
I have noticed a couple of peculiar problems.
1) I can't make the line take up "1 unit of space". It is at least 10 units wide at the shortest amount (based on the difference between a line at duration "1" "2" "3" and so on.
2) Also, when I have increased the duration from 1 to 19, there is a predictable increase, but when I go up to 20, it "jumps" back to being "shorter". EDIT: I installed the latest Sibelius and this behavior is changed to there being no alteration in graphical length as I increase the line duration from 1 to 19.

You can play around with this problem.
For example, choose a regular "Line" (just a straight line) from Lines.
Put it on the score. Make all "Dx, Dy" values 0.
Select the right end point only and use cursor keys to move it around, you'll see this "jumping". EDIT: but you might also see that Sibelius randomly changes the Dx value of its own accord.

Is there a way to override this anyway and display the line lengths correctly (those that are less than 20)?

Re: line length not shown correctly

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