How to align dynamics and hairpins

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How to align dynamics and hairpins

Post by miguelrt » Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:44 am

When I changed the vertical position of expression text (where dynamics belong to) in Appearance > Design and Positions > Text styles I have switched on below bottom of staff. This in order to keep a standard distance from dynamics to both 5-line staves and 1-line staves. It looks like I can't do the same to hairpins, since I have not the option to choose between below bottom of staff and below middle of staff in Appearance > Design and Positions > Lines.
This forces me whether to use the distance configurations that come with Sibelius (which are too far from the staves in a large score, specially for 1-line staves) or to have dynamics and hairpins not aligned, which is of course unacceptable.
Is there any way to reconcile both alignement of hairpins-dynamics and bringing hairpins-dynamics closer to staves using solely Sibelius configurations? It would be preferable to changing single dynamics and hairpins positions where they appear.

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