Sibelius 7 & Kontakt 7 playback issues...

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Post by perfectpitch » Tue Mar 07, 2023 10:59 am

I'll keep it short. I have Sibelius 7.13 and Kontakt Player 7 with the Grandeur Library VST installed. I'm trying to get Sibelius to recognise the Grandeur VST so I can get my playback through that instead of Sibelius Sounds.

Apparently I need to go into playback options, into the folder options and load the directory with kontakt.dll, however the problem is there are no kontakt*.dll files to be found anywhere on my hard drive (Usually they were found under Program Files/Native Instruments/vstplugins 32 & 64 bit. I don't think I had this problem years ago and I could get it to load without hassle.

Both Sibelius and Kontakt work perfectly on their own, but I can't integrate it into Sibelius, and I don't know whats changed??? Anyone have a clue about this? :(

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