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Post by chuckpuckett » Sun Apr 30, 2023 5:05 pm

I confess, this is a request for magic.

By this time in technological history, given the great strides in text-to-speech, ChatGPT and other AI, etc, it seems reasonable to expect for composition software (and especially the concomitant instrument packages) to have developed the capability to actually sing the lyrics in a vocal composition. And of course, that is fundamentally true. I just sat through an incredibly complex tutorial on incorporating something called WordBuilder, in conjunction with various instrument packages, to get Sibelius to “sing”. And the results were really quite amazing.

However, there is no connection to the Sibelius lyrics. Change the lyric, you go back through the whole process. This seems unbelievably awkward. Of course, what I want is magic. Something intimately connected to the Sibelius lyrics, or, at least a plugin that does all the complicated work for me. Eg, select a staff that has lyrics, run the plugin, and presto! All the hard, complicated bits have been done!

Better than that of course is just have a “voice instrument” that recognizes the lyrics on the staff, and sings them.

Is it too early to hope for such technology? The capability to easily create a demo version of a song with the lyrics actually sung would be such a boon! I write musicals, and making it possible for potential directors and producers to hear how the songs go would be invaluable.
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