Rehearsal mark/multi-measure rests bug

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Post by hajaco » Fri Jun 23, 2023 9:03 pm

Hi All,
I've come across very specific bug I think exists - unless there's a button somewhere buried in the menus I need to click.
Here's the problem:
- In Appearance > Bar Numbers, I turn on "hide [bar numbers] at rehearsal marks"
- In Appearance > Bar Numbers, I turn on "show range of bars on multirest"
- Multi-measure rest ranges ignore the rehearsal mark hiding, as they should
- I create a non-consecutive bar number (due to a cut in the music)
And here's the bug:
- A multi-measure rest starting with a non-consecutive bar number has and a rehearasal figure has no range. The object is hidden and no matter if I reset the element to score design/position, or click "show on all" in the right-click menu, it still doesn't un-hide. See screenshot attached.
siberror.png (25.31 KiB) Viewed 42471 times
Here I jump from m22 to m38, and the measure number range disappears.

Any work around or setting I can change? Is this indeed a bug or intentional (I can't imagine why it would be intentional...).


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