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Garritan COMB2 slur playback problem

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Garritan COMB2 slur playback problem

Postby brhylton » Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:53 pm

Hello everyone!

Over a year ago I installed Garritan COMB 2 (concert and marching band) sound library. I've been getting wierd sounds on the playback of slurs - It plays back a very synthetic sound, as if the front of the note is clipped. This seems to happen with all instruments from Garritan (aria player) but not sibelius sounds. It may be happening with other libraries as well but is the sound is not as obvious. There also seems to be a sort of accented sound on each note - not sure if this is normal or not... I went back and forth with Garritan's support team but they surmised that it is a sibelius playback problem.

I've experimented with changing the dictionary definition of slur, and experimented with the Aria player as well to no avail.

I've also experienced a few problems with lack of dynamic playback only in certain staves (trumpet, tuba).

I was going to post mp3 and sib files here. is that not possible on this forum?

Thanks very much!
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Re: Garritan COMB2 slur playback problem

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Re: Garritan COMB2 slur playback problem

Postby bobp » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:11 am

Which version of Sibelius is this?
Bob Porter
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