aria .fxp files in Sib 6

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aria .fxp files in Sib 6

Post by wezken » Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:38 am

I use Sib 6 with Garritan. If I'm correct, Sibelius works with Garritan via an Aria plugin not the Aria stand alone. My question is:
Where does the plugin find the .fxp file that it loads when I open a score?
I can set up all the instruments I want by clicking the Aria icon in the mixer, and then save the settings in a .fxp file. However the next time I open the score in Sibelius my settings are not there and I have to go into the Aria plugin and load the .fxp file that I created.
If I could find out where the default file location is I could save my .fxp file there and then it would load when the score opens (I think!)
Can anyone give me any help with this? I have searched for an answer to this but so far with no luck.

Re: aria .fxp files in Sib 6

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Re: aria .fxp files in Sib 6

Post by andyg » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:06 pm

Don't use Sibelius as you would use a DAW! Don't start trying to save fxp files etc, as all you'll do is work against Sibelius's natural way of doing things.

Set your instruments up in your score in Sibelius itself, and let Sibelius take care of assigning them with Garritan. (For scores with more than 16 instruments, you'll need to open more than one instance of Aria Player and save this as a new playback configuration.)

Once set up correctly and saved, the next time you open the Sibelius score, everything that you've set up will be recalled, including all your instruments etc in Garritan.

Oh, I am assuming that you're using a Garritan instrument for which there is a Sibelius soundset, like Garritan Steinway, GPO4 or JABB. There are some Garritan products that don't have soundsets and, for political reasons (Garritan are owned by the same people as Finale!), they won't ever have soundsets commercially available. So for these, you have to create your own soundsets, which is both tricky and very time consuming. You can read up on that in the Reference Manual if you wish! But, tricky as it may be, creating soundsets is what you have to do, rather than try to force Sibelius to do something it doesn't want to do, or can't do.

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