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Sibelius Ultimate 2020 and VDL - No Sound

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:48 pm
by garyhouk
I have been struggling with this for over a week now and am hoping to find some help here. I am running Sibelius Ultimate 2020.6 and Virtual DrumLine. In Sibelius, I can successfully see the VDL Soundset 7.0a. I am running Kontakt 5 and 6. I have tried both with no luck. I am able to go to the Add/Remove Instruments window and see all of the VDL Sounds without issue. I add a Snare, Tenor, Bass line and then close the window. I can add some notes on each staff and when I then play, I can see Audio on the meters on the mixer but no sound. If I change it to general midi I get sound. VDL works fine in the stand-alone Kontakt player or Logic, just not Sibelius.

Can anyone confirm that the most current versions of all this software are indeed compatible? If they are, any ideas on what I can do to get sound working? I do have the audio engine set to my computer speakers and hear the Sibelius startup sound fine.