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Photoscore to Sibelis: Titles location wrong

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Photoscore to Sibelis: Titles location wrong

Postby Legolas1309 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:41 pm

Photoscore ultimate 6 to Sibelius 6
Hi, my horn part of a musical (100 pages !) is so poor layouted, that one cannot play it. My plan was to create a proper layout with Sibelius. So I scanned it to Photoscore successfully and corrected this and that. Sending the (100 pages-) scan to Sibelius , I realized, that the titles, subtitles and many coments are positioned on first page only and red coloured on screen (which is shown black in attached file). Obviously the information of text location is completely lost. A scan like this is worthless for me, since to correct this by hand would take some days. Is there a possibility to config Potoscore and the transfer process to Sibelius. The guys of Photscore cannot mean this serious ...
Thanks for support
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Re: Photoscore to Sibelis: Titles location wrong

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Re: Photoscore to Sibelis: Titles location wrong

Postby KJ_Palmer » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:36 am

Sorry, but I don't think there is a quick and easy fix for this. Photoscore doesn't seem to have any real way of differentiating movements/sections within a score so any Title/Subtitle/Composer etc text on any page will apply to the whole score (i.e. page 1) when transferred to Sibelius. There is a sort of warning about the in the Photoscore manual about splitting sections of "Longer scores" into separate scores, but this could easily be missed. These sections could be batch joined in Sibelius, which should keep Title info on the correct page.

What I do after scanning into Photoscore for scores with movements, or longer scores (e.g. tunebooks or collections) is to turn any text interpreted as Title or Subtitle into a Tempo marking, and any Composer/Lyricist into Technique/Expression or Miscellaneous text, anything else that attaches itself to a specific note or bar, so that the positional information is kept when transferred to Sibelius. Text filtering in Sibelius could then be used to modify each text type to Title or whatever.

Irritating and time consuming I know, and if there's a better way I'd also be glad to hear about it.
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Re: Photoscore to Sibelis: Titles location wrong

Postby Legolas1309 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:48 pm

Well, you are right, there is no better way. Also M3c, my german supplier whom I asked for support, did not know more. Could you automate this procedure in the "search and replace" menu with "replace all"-button ? I had to insert each text string beside the replace-button. Anyway thanks.
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