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notes not readable

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notes not readable

Postby encore » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:06 am


I'm working on PhotoScore.
Once imported a musical score, the process of lecure sometimes includes small red dashes aligned horizontally on a musical reach containing notes:So, these notes are not doable although they are written and present.
How to ensure removing these small red lines to make readable these notes?

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Re: notes not readable

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Re: notes not readable

Postby KJ_Palmer » Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:10 am

Hard to know without seeing your scanned score, you could post a captured screenshot image here if it's not too big.

But at a guess perhaps these are whole bar rests, that Photoscore has inserted because it couldn't read/interpret the notes from the original score. You could try rescanning the affected pages at a higher resolution (e.g,. 600 dpi) if using a scanner rather than a pdf source file.

In general you'll only rarely (if ever) get perfect scans from PS, so part of the fun process will usually be to go through and manually correct your scanned scores.
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Re: notes not readable

Postby encore » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:36 pm

sorry.This forum is not good because impossible to upload file with post.

My first question was resolved !

other question:

When a partition(score) pdf (for example 80 pages) was imported in Photo Score, I rest(support) on "playing" and then I have to wait a rather long time(weather) so that all these pages are read before being able to export the whole in file noon(south).
So,Is there way(means) that a long partition(score) is readable(legible) very quickly?
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Re: notes not readable

Postby bobp » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:14 am

No. These things take time. Even with a fast computer.
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