Encore to Sibelius conversion explained

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Encore to Sibelius conversion explained

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Encore to Sibelius conversion explained:


-Encore 4.1 (4.5 and later will need later versions of Finale)
-Finale 2002/3
-Sibelius 2/3.0

II- Actions:

A-Import your Encore file in Finale (MENU FILE-->IMPORT)
B-Go to the last page, select all and use CTRL+U
C-Save as a Enigma Transportable file (*.ETF)
C-Open in Sibelius with 95% parameter.


A-Sometimes will not engraver expressions and frazeados

IV-More details and support:

a) The best computer music site for begginers(dummies) in Brasil (my site), since 1995.
http://www.partitonline.hpg.ig.com.br/ (Port/Eng)

b)E-mail support

See examples of my work:
(Some works in progress.)

http://www.partitonline.hpg.ig.com.br/C ... sody01.htm
http://www.partitonline.hpg.ig.com.br/C ... sody02.htm

My Biography

My name is Guilherme Schroeter
I born in Rio de Janeiro, January, 16, 1960.

I am From tradicional family of musicians I have one descendant
like Johann Samuel Schroter (the first composer pianist)
I make my first recital in 1976, so I work with music for around 30 years.

I won my first award with 16 and My first soloist performer
with orchestra with 25 (Chopin E Minor Piano concerto)
I begin write music with 20 and with Computer in 1995.
I am graduate degree in Music (1988), a lot of Piano competitions
One travel to Seatlle (USA), making concerts, and 3 Germany Master Classes in 1992/3 (Jorg Demus Peter Rosel and Sebastian Benda)

I am also computer music educator, so, I wrote 200 musics electronically.

As a composer, I wrote 29 preludes op.1 11 Nocturnes, 5 Etudes,
5 Fantasies One Ballade, 2 Piano Concertos, One Sinfonic Abertura and much more (200 works)

Awards: pianist and composer:

-Best Interpretation of Villa-Lobos, Brasília 1976
-Compositon award in em São Paulo, 1984
-Winner orchestra soloist competition - OSPA/Porto Alegre-1985
-Internacional Piano Competition in Montevidéo(ROU)-1985
-Chopin national competition in Curitiba-1986

Em 1993/94 was travel to Germany ("Master Class" with Ceslaw Kacinsky, Jörg Demus and Peter Rösel.)
I begin with composition in 1980.
In 1995 I begin write music in Computer...
Last year I travel to USA,performing in recitals..

My personal page:

My music at my Publisher web-site(Germany)

My music at State of Washington Library
(Digit Schroeter Guilherme)

My music at Cornish School of music
(Digit Schroeter Guilherme)
- If the link not work, simple copy and paste to your Browser.

My site at SibeliusMusic.com
- If the link not work, simple copy and paste to your Browser.

Guilherme Schroeter Works (to setember, 2003)

29 Prelúdios para Piano op.1(Vol.48)
Sonata para Violino e Piano Op.2 no.1
Suite Infantil para Piano Op.3 no.1
Sonatina para Piano Op.4
6 Idéias Próprias para Piano Op.5
Suite para Flauta e Piano Op.6 no.1
Sonata para Violino e Piano Op.7 no.2
Improviso para Piano Op.8
Fantasia para Violão e Piano Op.9(Vol.45)
Fantasia para Cello e Piano Op.10
Música para Violino e Piano Op.11
Fantasia para Clarinete e Piano Op.12(Vol.57)
Fantasia para Piano Op.13 no.1
Brasiliana para Piano Op.14
Three Themes for Piano Op.15
Prelúdio Poético para Piano Op.16 no.1(Vol.1)
Fantasia para Flauta e Piano Op.17 no.1
Scherzo para Violino e Piano Op.18 no.1
Prelúdio Poético para Piano Op.19 no.2(Vol.56)
Suite Infantil para Piano no.20 no.2
Prelúdio e Fuga para Piano Op.21
Fantasia para Violino e Piano Op.22 no.1
Fantasia para Piano Op.23 no.2(Vol.66)
Sonate for Cello and Piano Op.24
Invenção a 2 vozes para Piano Op.25(Vol.44)
Música para Violino Viola e Piano Op.26(Vol.46)
Fantasia para Piano Op.27 no.3
Fantasia para Piano Op.28 no.4(Vol.32)
Música para Piano Op.29(Vol.38)
Balada para Piano Op.30(Vol.36)
"Amor sem Juízo" para Canto 2 Flautas e Piano Op.31
Suite para Flauta e Piano Op.32 no.2
Fantasia para Flauta e Piano Op.33 no.2
Tema e 7 variações para Piano Op.34
Sonata para Viola e Piano Op.35
Estudo para Piano Op.36 no.1(Vol.54)
Estudo para Piano Op.37 no.2(Vol.55)
Fantasia para Violino Viola Cello e Piano Op.38 no.1
Estudo para Piano Op.39 no.3(Vol.33)
Estudo para Piano Op.40 no.4(Vol.34)
Noturno para Piano Op.41 no.1(Vol.35)
Noturno para Piano Op.42 no.2(Vol.49)
Noturno para Piano Op.43 no.3(Vol.50)
Noturno para Piano Op.44 no.4(Vol.51)
Noturno para Piano Op.45 no.5(Vol.52)
"Rio" para Canto e Piano Op.46
Noturno para Piano Op.47 no.6(Vol.53)
Sonata para Violino e Piano Op.48 no.3
Fantasia para Violino e Piano Op.49 no.2
Sonata para Violino e Piano Op.50 no.4
Sonata para Violino e Piano Op.51 no.5
Conjunto de Peças no.52:
-Romance para Violino e Piano (Vol.11)
-Noturno para Piano no.7(Vol.3)
Fantasia para Violino Viola Cello e Piano Op.53 no.2(Vol.4)
Concerto para Piano e Orquestra Op.54 no.1 (Vol.5)
"Mar" para Canto e Piano Op.55(Vol.6)
Prelúdio Poético para Piano Op.56 Op.(Vol.7)
Abertura Sinfônica para Orquestra Op.57(Vol.8)
Momento Sinfônico para Orquestra Op.58(Vol.9)
"Feeling" para Piano Op.59(Vol.10)
Serenata para Violino e Cordas Op.60(Vol.12)
3 Poemas para Piano Op.61(Vol.13)
4 Fantasia em Jazz para Violino e Piano Op.62(Vol.14)
5 Fantasias em Jazz para Piano Op.63(Vol.15)
"Walk in the Street" para Piano Op.64(Vol.16)
"Landscape" para Piano Op.65(Vol.17)
"The River" para Piano Op.66(Vol.18)
"My Son Playing" para Piano Op.67(Vol.19)
"The Cloud" para Piano Op.68(Vol.20)
"The Stars" para Piano Op.69(Vol.21)
"Mortality of Insects" para Piano Op.70(Vol.22)
"Happy Hour" para Piano Op.71(Vol.23)
"Sad Waltz" para Piano Op.72(Vol.24)
Noturno para Piano Op.73 no.8(Vol.25)
"Evie Drink the tea" para Piano Op.74(Vol.26)
"Alfred Drink the coffe" para Piano Op.75(Vol.27)
Noturno para Piano Op.76 No.9(Vol.28)
Serenata para Trompete Sax 2 Trombones Tuba e Piano Op.77(Vol.29)
"The Toy" para Piano no.78(Vol.30)
"Planetas" para Flauta e Piano Op.79(Vol.2)
28 Temas Romanticos para Piano Op.80(Vol.31)
Noturno para Piano Op.81 no.10(Vol.37)
Noturno para Piano Op.82 o.11(Vol.39)
"...for the sick children" para Piano Op.83(Vol.40)
Fantasia para Piano Op.84 no.5(Vol.41)
Valsa para Piano a 4 mãos Op.85(Vol.42)
Concerto para Piano e Orquestra op.86 no.2(Vol.43)
Suite para Piano no.3 Op.87(Vol.47)
Scherzo para Piano op.88
Toccata para Piano op.89(Vol.59)
Sonata para Piano Op.90 no.2(Vol.61)
Noturno para Piano Op.91 no.12(Vol.62)
Rapsódia para piano Op.92 no.1(Vol.63)
Rapsódia para piano Op.93 no.2(Vol.64)
Estudo para piano Op.94 no.5(Vol.65)

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