Opening .sco files in Sibelius 2

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Opening .sco files in Sibelius 2

Post by Shoelaced » Sat Mar 12, 2005 9:43 pm

Hello, all....

I've been sent a collection of .sco (Sibelius scorch) files by a friend of mine who works for a music distribution company online.

The problem is, they're all encoded in a .sco format that Sibelius 2 won't open (I've tried), and Scorch will only let my print the first page (this is because of the copyright protection the company offers, but my friend sent me files that have been payed for by my publishers), and I can't save at all.

Is there some way to get .sco files from scorch to sibelius? Even if it's some random turnaround way, I need this music in .sib format and I don't have time to transcribe it all manually.

If an illegal crack is the option and you'd rather not post it publicly, I'd be grateful if you'd e-mail me at

Thanks, guys.


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