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Post by FourPart » Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:55 pm

I have Scorch installed, but am still unable to hear it play files on sheet music sample plugin pages.
Although I can see it playing, there is no sound.

I know that the first thing anyone's going to say is to change the Audio Engine in Scorch, but this is easier said than done, as the only engine that is listed in UM-1, which is my USB MIDI keyboard (which doesn't even have audio). My actvie soundcard is a Realtek, which isn't even listed in Scorch.

Is there some way I can manually get Scorch to recognise my Realtek soundcard?

Also, when I click the Audio Engine Options button all I get is the error message "Could not create dialog. The operation completed successfully", which seems like a contradiction in terms.

I am using W7. In the past when I was using XP & earlier I had no problems. Now it seems as if you improve your equipment & can do less with it.

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