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Title/Composer inserted on new score - Not wildcards?

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Title/Composer inserted on new score - Not wildcards?

Postby jhgarrison » Tue Jun 05, 2018 4:40 am

Every score has some attributes, visible on the "File" tab, including Title and Composer. When creating a new score, if you type a title and composer in the creation dialog, Sibelius sets those score attributes and also inserts hardcoded Title and Composer text fields in the new file.

The problem here is that the inserted fields contain the actual text hardcoded, not variable references of the form \$Title\ and \$Composer\ (curiously misnamed "wildcards" in the documentation).

I tried creating custom manuscript paper with Title and Composer text elements containing the variable references, but when Sibelius creates a new file using that custom manuscript paper it ALSO inserts hardcoded text/composer, resulting in two copies of the title and composer appearing.

Is there any way to set up custom manuscript paper so that, when creating a new score, Sibelius will set the text fields to \$Title\ and \$Composer\ instead of hardcoding the text?

This could be fixed one of two ways:

1) Have Sibelius insert the variable/wildcard instead of the text.

2) Have Sibelius recognize that the custom manuscript already includes Title and Composer and not insert a second copy of each.
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Re: Title/Composer inserted on new score - Not wildcards?

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Re: Title/Composer inserted on new score - Not wildcards?

Postby bobp » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:52 pm

Every time I open Sibelius to start a new project, it is with a different custom instrumentation. I usually add a title later. So I've never tried to add the "wildcards", as they are already there (as you say).
As the manual says, this is not the preferred way to create a new score. It hints at problems. It suggests that you start with an existing template and remove or add a few instruments as need be. Then save that as a custom manuscript paper.
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