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Exporting Audio with Sibelius First

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Exporting Audio with Sibelius First

Postby sumguy002 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:22 am

Hi all,

I'm new to Sibelius (using the trial version of Ultimate and will probably end up using First since I'm broke) and am trying to compose classical style music :D . Recently I've dumped a ton of time on the internet trying to figure out how to export one of my works as a Video or Audio to no avail.

I am having the "you can't use this playback configuration because it doesn't contain any virtual instruments" error.

In regards to the Sibelius Sounds library, I have read that it's supposed to be under > My Products >Sibelius First>Product Details and Download Links , but the only links I have found are Photo Score First 8.8.5 and Audio Score First 8.8.5. No Sounds Library(Maybe I am not allowed to have it since I'm on Sibelius First?). Also, I don't really want to download 26 GB of sounds to export a 5 Minute Fugue for Solo Piano.

So then I tried to install other, free Virtual Sound Libraries. I have (free) Kontakt 5 Player and a 600 mb free sound library that came with it. I've linked it to Sibelius using LoopMIDI and have been able to successfully get a playback from Sibelius. (I did this with: Play>Setup, created a playback device, linked it to LoopMIDI along with Kontakt Player, then disabled it as a note input option in File>Preferences to avoid loops). My music plays like it's supposed to when I hit "P". AFAIK Kontakt Player, LoopMIDI, and Sibelius must all be running at the same time for this to work.

However, when I tried to import it using the playback device I had made (the one that linked to Kontakt) instead of "General MIDI", I have the same error. I'm completely lost now since I thought what I did counted as a virtual instrument. Google can't seem to help me any more :(

Does anyone know what's going on regarding the Virtual Instruments? How can I make the Kontakt Player input to Sibelius count as a virtual instrument? Or is there something else I need to do entirely?

For reference, here is the sound library I had downloaded and am using. I'm not sure if it makes any difference:

Thanks a ton for any help! If there is something I can to at this point to get Sibelius sounds, I'm definitely desperate enough to do it :?
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Re: Exporting Audio with Sibelius First

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Re: Exporting Audio with Sibelius First

Postby MikeLyons » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:50 am

According to the Avid comparison chart you can't export audio directly from Sib First.

Neither can you use external vsti libraries to playback your music. This is only available in the full Sibelius/Sibelius Ultimate.
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