adjust number of staves per page

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adjust number of staves per page

Post by clearvision » Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:49 pm

In this fairly basic looking part some measures are busier than others, others have text others don't. One page has 9 staves and everything from one staff touches the above and below staves and second page has 3 staves with a waste of space. I want to have a balanced number of staves on each page.
Tried optimizing staff spacing and it still looks terrible, so crammed its impossible to read for a musician. Tried engraving rules > spacing between staves and it doesn't seem to understand the command because the result is a totally uneven looking score, some staves end up being too far apart while others are still touching stems with dynamics of the above staff. Tried moving staves manually with Shift key and drag > doesn't want to drag lower than an inch or so which leaves me with still too crammed a space. Is there a way to drag staves as far as I want?
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Re: adjust number of staves per page

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Re: adjust number of staves per page

Post by andyg » Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:28 pm

Don't drag staves if you can avoid it!! Usually a recipe for much heartache until you know what you're doing!

So right now - Select All, Unlock Format, Reset Space Above Staves, Reset Space Below Staves. That will let Sibelius flow the music itself and will usually do a pretty decent job of things. You can use Optimise if it helps.

That will be a good starting point. Don't try to put too many bars on a system or too many systems on a page or you'll end up back where you are now.

There are video tutorials on formatting on line and the topic has been discussed many, many times on the official Sibelius forum (this is a very unofficial one!) - ... ?groupid=3

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Re: adjust number of staves per page

Post by MikeLyons » Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:23 pm

Just a note - Optimize will do nothing if you haven't reset the space above/below. Also, if this is a file imported from outside sib, then the very first task is to unlock format to get rid of any format from whatever it was before impport (pdf/xml etc)
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