Sibelius 4 with Garritan Personal Orchestra

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Sibelius 4 with Garritan Personal Orchestra

Post by EdAddis » Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:43 am

I'm trying to create a score in Sibelius 4 with a Gong stave, but the sound loaded with the stave sounds like a saucepan being tapped with a spoon! I can't seem to find a gong sound anywhere in the GM or GM2 sound set, and in fact most of the sounds listed in the Mixer sound totally different from their names. I have GPO version 2 on my PC, which I normally use successfully with Overture, but I'm struggling to integrate it with Sibelius. In the Playback Devices dialog, I have the Microsoft Wavetable device, plus three Creative devices (presumably from a Creative Soundblaster card in my machine, but not in use now). I also have eight other devices - GPO Studio 1 - 8. Although I can select the GPO devices, I don't seem to have any compatible sound sets for them, as I only get a single snare beat in the Mixer, regardless of which sound I choose. Can anyone please help me a) to understand how this is all supposed to hang together and/or b) to find a gong sound in the GM set and/or c) to work out how to use the GPO sounds?

Many thanks in advance!

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