Noteperformer 3 Playback of unison notes

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Noteperformer 3 Playback of unison notes

Post by vmishka » Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:50 am

I am relatively new to Sibelius and Noteperformer 3. I am inputting the orchestral score of the Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No 2 in Sibelius 2018.1 for playback with Noteperformer 3 (I will play the piano part along with the orchestral recording generated by Noteperformer).

In the original score, the two flutes start out playing in unison. As far as Noteperformer 3 is concerned, is there any difference in playback if it is notated with double whole notes and double-stem half and quarter notes (see screenshot from the original score) vs single whole notes and single-stem half and quarter notes with no particular indication that the two flutes are playing in unison?
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If the answer happens to be "yes," i.e., Noteperformer would effectively be playing one flute instead of two flutes, then perhaps someone with more experienced than I can tell me the quickest and easiest way to notate the unisons in Sibelius.

Thank you.

Re: Noteperformer 3 Playback of unison notes

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Re: Noteperformer 3 Playback of unison notes

Post by MikeLyons » Wed Jun 10, 2020 10:39 am

If you use ~C104,2 that will make NP use 2 flutes
If you use ~C104,0 it will just use one flute until it hits the divisi. if you want better realism then use the C104 command.
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